RunFlat systems are tyre inserts bolted onto wheels. They are designed essentially to allow the driver to control their vehicle and enable them to drive on safely following ballistic or terrain-related tyre damage to one or more tyres.

RunFlat International offers a complete range of RunFlat Systems for all vehicles and applications including;

  • Military
  • Emergency vehicles
  • High Value Cargo Carriers
  • VIP cars
  • Aid agency vehicles
  • Caravans, buses, trucks, trailers etc



Capable of designing run-flats for all wheel types, RunFlat International was established in 2001 as a subsiduary of its parent company Westley Plastics, using its leading edge polymer technology to exclusively develop run-flat tyre insert systems. 


  • Dynamic Runflats
  • Static Runflats

To find out more information please follow the link to the RunFlat International website