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Wear Plates in Westlon (our proprietary Nylon material) are the ideal solution for high tech mills. They are available in a range of materials to suit different applications and loadings, so that you can achieve optimum performance from your equipment.

Westlon Wear Plates offer several advantages over alternative materials;

  • Shocks and blows are efficiently absorbed
  • The bearings last longer
  • Because plastics expand lengthways, the components fit tightly in the windows. This means the even small tolerances can be observed for the rolled stock.
  • The coefficient of friction in Westlon is considerably lower than that of metals. This reduces wear, thereby increasing the life of our wear plates compared to metal.
  • Westlon material have a low specific weight, meaning they are quicker and easier to install and require no lifting equipment


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ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems ensure full traceability from start to finish. 

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