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Designed for slitting line coilers and decoilers as a replacement for steel segments, our mandrel segments have been supplied to steel mills around the world.

Manufactured from our proprietary Westlon material, a type of Nylon specially engineered to optimise its strength and resilience, our mandrel segments are available as standard make up segments or as a castellated split-tube that can be tailored to fit any type of expanding mandrel.

Much lighter than its metal alternative, typically a split tube can be changed in under five minutes compared with up to two hours for mandrel segments, meaning reduced downtime and increased productivity.


Key Benefits


  • Lightweight making it easier and safer to use
  • Long lasting, can be expected to last many years
  • Multi-linked segments require no fixing
  • Improved productivity through reduced coil change time
  • Reducing coil scrap with castelated segments



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  • split tube
  • split tube


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